2018 Summer Progress and Community Challenge Grant

The SVYAC board would like to extend their sincere gratitude to all donors who have chosen to help in our mission of providing a home for youth organizations in the Snoqualmie Valley. As of the end of September, construction was completed on the foundation for the facility and we are moving forward with framing and roof construction in an effort to achieve a dry-in milestone by the end of this year. This accomplishment has been made possible through the help of many local area volunteers and continued support from our local businesses. The SVYAC has received $116,000 in cash donations and numerous in-kind donations since starting our “Build the YAC” campaign.

In addition, the SVYAC board is excited to announce the receipt of $100,000 Community Match Challenge Grant from a local Snoqualmie Valley resident toward the construction of the new meeting lodge. The challenge will match individual donors, up to a $1000 each, for a cumulative match of $100,000. The donor intends to encourage stewardship within the community for the new facility through this matching donation. The Snoqualmie Valley is known for it’s support of local organizations and we know the community will rise to this challenge.

The Community Match Challenge will allow us to achieve the second phase of construction by completing the meeting lodge. Phase 3 will begin next year to complete the necessary site improvements and the parking lot to gain occupancy.  Phase 4 will complete the storage barn and maintenance area necessary to store and maintain the outdoor equipment required by outdoor oriented youth programs.  Fund raising for Phase 3 and 4 will begin early next year. If you are interested in contributing to the SVYAC project and the future of the youth in our valley, please make your charitable contribution at https://svyac.org/donate or contact us at info@nullsvyac.org.